Sometimes you want a Google Adsense Unit to only display on blog posts for a particular category. You can easily do this with the Ad Inserter Post Category settings. Ad Inserter has many options that let you configure a Google Adsense Unit to display exactly where you want it to based on including or excluding various identifiers. The best way to learn how to use all the settings is to try a few basic configurations and then test smaller changes as you go along.


Create an Ad Unit

Do this following the steps in Create your First Google Adsense Unit


Enable the Ad for all blog posts

Make sure that the checkbox is checked for Posts and that the dropdown is blank.



Choose a Category

Go to the Lists tab which allows you to filter which blog posts will display the ad unit.

Ad Inserter Lists


Go to the Categories section and toggle the category editor to On.

Ad Inserter Category


Now start typing the name of the category you want to use – in this case it’s review – and choose the matching blog post category from the list of matches that are found.

Ad Inserter Review Category


The chosen category is now selected for white listing (ie. display the ad only on the category or categories that are white listed).

Ad Inserter Set Category


Apply Changes

Make sure you Save these changes.

Ad Inserter Header Save


You ad unit will now display on all blog posts that are in the Review category. Note that posts that are in a sub category of Review won’t be included unless they’re also marked as Review category.