This is very simple to do. You may need to add a new administrator user if you’re not the only person writing for or managing your blog. Or if you have arranged for someone to move your to self-hosted wordpress then they will need administrator access to export your content and make any configuration changes required.


Step 1. Log in

You need to be logged in to your account if you aren’t already. - Log In


Step 2. Go to the WP Admin Dashboard

Open up your blog in a browser, and use the My Sites header at the top left to go to the WP Admin dashboard.

Wordpress - WP Admin

Step 3. Invite the new user

From the dashboard, go to Users -> Invite New

Wordpress - Invite New User


Step 4. Fill in the new user details

You need an email address for the person you are adding as an administrator for the blog, then select the Administrator dropdown option. Finally, hit the ‘Send Invitation’ button.

Wordpress - New User Details


Step 5. That’s it!

An email will be sent to the person you have invited, and they will be able to add administrator access for your blog to their own account.

Wordpress New User Invitation