Aspose PDF Exporter and Aspose Doc Exporter are free wordpress plugins for converting a blog into document format.

You can export your content to these formats and import them into a blog again using Aspose tools, though I haven’t checked how well that works.

These tools work well but are limited by the number of blog posts they can process without a timeout error. This is fine if you don’t mind manually merging word/pdf/txt docs afterwards, or having your blog content split into multiple files.




Apose Exporter Plugins

Follow the usual steps for installing and activating a new wordpress plugin. Search for ‘Aspose Exporter’. You can get the PDF Exporter, the DOC exporter, or a generic importer/exporter. The tools don’t appear to be updated regularly, but I had no problems with the two Exporter tools I tried.


Sign Up

Unfortunately these tools do require a sign-up to a website. Look under Settings -> Aspose Doc Exporter or Settings -> Aspose PDF Exporter.


Aspose Sign Up

The ‘Click here’ link doesn’t actually work. However if you go to then you can sign up on the top right as a new user.


Aspose New User

Fill in your details on the following screen and create an account.


Aspose My Apps

When you have logged in you need to go to the My Apps section in your profile.


Aspose App Details

Here you can find your App SID and the App Key (use the padlock to reveal it).

Copy these values into the plugin configuration screen in you WordPress Dashboard and you will be able to use the Aspose tools.



For the PDF exporter you don’t need to configure anything. The DOC exporter has a number of options you set in advance including the output type – rtf, doc, docx, txt etc and what information to include in each blog post entry. You can also choose to export a number of blog posts into individual files which might suit you for creating an offline backup of your blog.

Aspose Doc Options




Creating your PDF/Doc

You use Apose exporter tools by going to the list of your blog posts in your dashboard. First filter the blog posts to list the category etc of posts that you want and the order (by date etc). By default you will only see 20 posts at a time. You can change this, but will find that the tool times out after more than approximately 20 blog posts of content anyway.


To change the number of posts displayed you need to go to the screen options on the top right.

Wordpress Screen Options

Wordpress Screen pagination


Now switch the pagination to show the number of posts you need.


Check all the displayed blog posts that you want to export.

Wordpress Aspose Bulk Action


Select the action ‘Aspose Export to PDF/Doc’


The apply button will generate your pdf or document from the selected blog posts and download it to your computer.


Up to 10 blog posts worked for me before getting time out errors on the pdf generation. The pdfs were nicely formatted.

Up to 20 blog posts worked fine with the docx generation.



Aspose Tools work well but for a limited number of blog posts at a time. This isn’t a problem if you’re happy to have multiple files or merge the files later. As a back up tool the option to export files individually would let you create an archive of individual posts.