Once you have downloaded and installed MAMP you’ll want to figure out how to use it. Here’s a basic MAMP tutorial cheatsheet to get you started.


Launch the application

MAMP will be located in your Applications folder. Look for the icon in Applications/MAMP

MAMP application



Start the Web Server

When you run MAMP you will see this screen.

MAMP Start Web Server


Click on Start Servers to run the web server


WebStart Page

Starting the servers in MAMP will automatically open the Web Start page at http://localhost:8888/MAMP/?language=English (unless you have disabled it)

MAMP Web Start Page


My Website

This WebStart page has many useful links including to My Website at  http://localhost:8888/

Local MAMP web server

Right now the web server isn’t showing anything very interesting at http://localhost:8888/


Index Page Default

We’ll want to change that, but first a quick look at navigating through MAMP…



In the Webstart Page you can also find the phpAdmin tool for accessing your MySQL database at http://localhost:8888/MAMP/phpmyadmin.php?lang=en

MAMP phpAdmin tool

MAMP Status

Back in the MAMP application screen you can see that the web server is running (and also stop it)


MAMP Web Server



MAMP Preferences

You can access the MAMP Preferences from the usual MAC menu options

MAMP Preferences Menu


From the General options tab you can disable the WebStart page from opening when the server is started

MAMP General Preferences


These are the basic things you might need when starting out with MAMP.