As in Configuring Icefaces and Seam PDF, when you want to render excel pages in an application that already uses seam and icefaces, you need to use the default view handler for rendering the excel files.  So you need to follow some of the same steps…  Separate out the pages so that some are icefaces pages only, the other pages are non-icefaces and do the Excel rendering.   Replace icefaces.jar with just-ice.jar and configure the application to delegate pages that contain to the standard facelets view handler.

1.    Update to icefaces 1.8.1 and jboss-seam 2.2.0.GA and test the application still functions correctly.
2.    Replace icefaces.jar with just-ice.jar (from the icefaces jars) and redeploy the application.  Fix any errors.
3.    Add in the excel functionality.  Add jboss-seam-excel-2.2.0.GA.jar and jxl.jar to your ear file.
4.    In components.xml add the excel and document namespaces


5.    In faces-config.xml you add both view handlers





6.    Configure the document servlet in web.xml

Document Store Servlet

Document Store Servlet

Document Store Servlet
and add a new mapping for jsf pages to be handled by the Faces Servlet

Faces Servlet
Your application should now be configured to render excels.  To test this you can copy some of the .xhtml pages from the seam examplesexcel to test that the rendering works.  Take and people.xhtml.  Create a normal index page and add a link to people.jsf.

2nd Excel Test/>

In people.xhtml I had to edit the value to excelTest.people instead of people



Now redeploy your application and try accessing people.jsf