To use Google Adsense you need to be able to add pieces of code to your website. The first time you need to do this is so that Google can verify your website for your Adsense account. After this you will want to add the code that displays Adsense advertisements. You can do this using widgets, but this limits you to just the areas of your theme that displays widgets. Ad Inserter is a plugin that you can install and use to verify your website and display Adsense ads in a wide variety of places.


1. Google Adsense Account

First you need to get a Google Adsense account if you haven’t already done so. This post should be read in conjunction with the post for setting up Google Adsense. For the parts of that process that involve code, this post covers how to add the code using the Ad Inserter software.


2. Install Ad Inserter

Add the Ad Inserter Plugin. In your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins -> Add New

Add new plugin

Search for ‘Ad Inserter’

Ad Inserter Search


Then use the ‘Install Now’ button.

Ad Inserter Activate


Now Activate the plugin

Add Inserter Activate Button



3. Connect your Site to Adsense

As part of the Google Adsense set up process you will have been given some code to add to the head tags of your website to prove that you own the website. This code is sent to you in the ‘Get Activated with Google Adsense’ email aswell as being available in your Google Adsense account.

Connect your site to Adsense Email Code

4. Ad Inserter Settings

You can find everything you need to configure under Settings -> Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter Settings



5. Ad Inserter Insert Header Code

To add code to the header tags you need to use the circular settings icon on the top right of the screen.

Ad Inserter Settings Screen


Go to the Header tab

Ad Inserter Header


Now paste the activation code that Google Adsense gave you into the box below and use the ‘Save Settings’ button to save it.

Ad Inserter Header Code


Ad Inserter Settings Saved

Now you’ll notice a message saying that the header code is currently disabled.

Ad Inserter Enable Header Code


The final step you need to do here is to toggle the little button at the top right to green.

Ad Inserter Toggle Header


Now click ‘Save Settings’ again to apply this change.

Ad Inserter Header Save


6. Verify Header Code

This is optional to do unless there is an issue and you need to check that everything is as it should be on your website. To check the header code insertion you need to open your website in a browser window. In Chrome you use the View -> Developer -> View Source menus to open up a new page containing the source code of that website page. In Internet Explorer try Right-Clicking on the page and choosing ‘View Source’.

Chrome View Page Source



A new window will open up with all the page code in it. Use CTRL + F or Edit -> Find to bring up a search window and search for ‘adsbygoogle’

AdsByGoogle search


You should find that the code has been added within the <head> tags of the page.

verify google code was inserted



7. Confirm code addition with Google

Now go back to your Google Adsense account and verify that you have added the code to your website.  Once you do this you will have to wait until the Google Adsense verification process has been competed.

Your next step will be to add your first ad unit.



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