This blog post walks you through the steps to create your first Google Adsense Ad Unit for placing on your website.


1. Sign into your Adsense Account

Use the link on the top right to sign in with the associated gmail account. If you don’t already have an adsense account then start here.

Google Adsense Sign In


2. Ad Units

Go to Ads -> Ad Units

AdSense Ad Units


3. Create a new Ad Unit

Select New Ad Unit

Google Adsense New Ad Unit


4. Ad type

Select Text & display ads here until you are more familiar with ad types

Google Adsense Ad Type



5. Ad Name

Give your ad a unique name. If you will be using ads on multiple websites then include the website name along with where the ad is going to display and any other identifying features so that it is easy to pick out this ad when it’s one of many in a long list.

Google Adsense New Ad Name Size


Under Ad Size leave it at ‘Recommended’ until you are more familiar with all the options.


6. Ad Options

Leave the ‘ad style’, ‘custom channel’ and ‘If no ads available’ at their default settings for this first ad.

Google Adsense Ad Options


7. Get the code for your new ad

Use the ‘Save and get Code’ button to get the code fragment for the ad.

Google Adsense Get Ad Unit Code


Copy and paste the code in the pop up window and close it.


8. New Ad Unit Created

You will now see your ad unit listed. Note that the status is ‘New’ meaning that has just been created. This status will not change until the ad unit has been live on your website for several days.

Google Adsense Ad Unit Created



9. Add the code to your website

Now copy the ad code to the location you want it to display on your website. Two options for doing this are:

Place an ad in a widget

Place an ad using Ad Inserter

Once you’ve done this, assuming there are no problems, the ad should start displaying on the page(s) in the next few hours.


10. Ad Status goes to Active

All ads have the status new for the first seven days. Once the ad is being served successfully for that long the ad status will change to ‘Active’

Google Adsense Unit Active