Divi Editor Basics 1 hour

A short course designed for clients who need to edit their website homepage using the Divi Editor to make small changes.


Please leave comments in any section where you have questions.

Section 1 : What is Divi?

A brief overview of what Divi is.

1.5 mins

Section 2 : WordPress Editors

A quick overview of the default editors that come with WordPress.

4 min.

Section 3 : Divi Editors

The two Divi Editor modes, and how to access them to make changes to your pages.

10.5 mins.

Section 4 : Page Sections and Components

All the sections and components in a page can be duplicated, deleted, moved or configured (edited).

10 mins.

Section 5 : Editing Text Modules

How to edit a text module in the Divi Editor.

6 mins.

Section 6 : Editing Image Modules

How to edit an image module in the Divi Editor.

5 mins.

Section 7 : Editing Button Modules

Add, modify or delete a button module using the Divi Editor.

5 mins.

Section 8 : Other tips

Miscellaneous items like undoing recent edits in the editor, and making a quick backup copy of a website change before making a lot of updates.

5 mins.

Sheila Pollard


Qualifed software development engineer with practical experience of using the Divi Theme and Editor to create websites.