Ad Inserter is a plugin that allows you add to easily add code to your website without modifying your theme. It’s a more user-friendly way to add the code to connect your website to Google Adsense, and lets you place the ads in the locations that you want.


1. Google Adsense Account

You will already have created a Google Adsense account and done the steps for Connecting your site to Google Adsense using Ad Inserter before getting to this point. You will also need to create an ads.txt file. By now you should have received an email from Google Adsense saying that your website has been connected. You will also have created an Ad Unit for using on your website.

You’re ready to place your first ad on your website using the Ad Inserter plugin.

Firs log in to adsense to get the code you need.


2. Ad Units

Go to the Ad Units section.

AdSense Ad Units


Here your Ad Units will be listed. Look for the one that you want to add and click the ‘Get Code’ link for that ad unit.

AdSense Ad Units Get Code


The code will be displayed along with a handy ‘copy code snippet’ that copies the code fragment to your clipboard.

AdSense Ad Unit Code Fragment


Click the ‘I’m done’ button to exit back out of this screen.

Adsense Get Code Done



3. Adding an Ad Unit in Ad Inserter


Go to your wordpress website dashboard and into the Ad Inserter Settings page. Settings -> Ad Inserter


Ad Inserter Settings


Choose one of the numbered tabs (for your first ad just use the displayed screen, for future ads you use a new tab number).

Copy the code fragment from your clipboard into the screen and then click on ‘Save All Settings’

Adsense Ad Inserter Code Block



4. Ad Placement

Now you need to choose where your ad will be displayed. There are a number of options. Use the ‘Automatic Insertion’ dropdown to choose where you want to place your ad. In this example we are placing an ad within all blog posts that will be displayed after a certain number of paragraphs ‘After Paragraph’

Adsense Ad Inserter Insertion Point


Make sure the ‘Posts’ option is checked, then in the ‘Paragraphs’ box use a specific number X to position the ad after X paragraphs. Or choose a % of the page height eg. .4 will display the add after a paragraph that is 40% down the blog post page.

Ad Inserter Paragraph Number


Use the ‘Save All Settings’ button to update the ad configuration.


Your ad configuration should now look like this

Ad Inserter Ad Configuration


5. Verify Ad

You now have an ad displaying in your blog posts. You can check this by going to your latest blog post and scrolling down the page to find the new ad block. If the ad doesn’t appear then leave it for a couple of hours and check back again later. Make sure that your ad unit is marked as ‘active’ in the Google Adsense account and there haven’t been any problems highlighted there.


There are many other ways of using the Ad Inserter tool to manage your website advertisements, but hopefully this post has given you enough knowledge to get started.