The Fitbit App starts up automatically when you power up your Mac laptop. Annoyingly there’s no option in the app itself to quit the application. So if you don’t want to have the Fitbit App running all of the time then you need an easy way to quit the Fitbit app on a mac.



Create an Automator application file


Use Command + Space to launch the Spotlight Search.


Type ‘Automator’ to launch the Automator App. This tool is designed to allow you to automate tasks.

Choose to create a new file of type ‘Application’.

Automator - Create New Application



Search for the action type ‘Quit Application’. Drag this into the window on the right for your new script (Where it says ‘Drag actions or files here to build your workflow).

Automator - Quit Application

Automator - Empty Workflow


Now under Quit Application section expand the dropdown list and search for ‘Fitbit Connect’.


Automator - Quit Application List


Automator - Quit Fitbit Connect



Select Fitbit Connect from the dropdown list to add it to your workflow.


Automator - Quit Fitbit Action



Save a shortcut to your new Quit Fitbit command

Now save the file in a suitable location on your mac by using File -> Save


Automator - Save File


Choose the location where you want to put the quit application.

Automator - Save File



Now you can create a shortcut to this application (eg drag it to the Dock) and use it whenever you need to.

Automotor - Quit Fitbit File