If you’re serious about collecting statistics on the visitors to your blog or website then you’ll want to install Google Analytics. This is a pretty straightforward process.


To use Google Analytics you will first need a google account (if you have gmail email address then you have one). To add analytics to your account you go to this url https://www.google.com/analytics and click the Sign In link at the top right.


Under ‘Start Using Google Analytics’ hit the Sign up button




Now you’re in the New Account section. Stay on the Website tab and fill in the appropriate details for your website.



The Account Name can be something like ‘My Google Analytics’ or more specific depending on your requirements.

The website name is the url of your website eg. https://sheilapollard.com – select the dropdown option for http or https and then fill in your website domain name.

Select the appropriate Industry Category for your website and select the Reporting Timezone you want.

Check whichever data settings you’re happy with, and then hit the ‘Get Tracking Id’ button which will set up the tracking property you need for collecting analytics on your website.



You now have Google Analytics set up for your website on your google account.

But you’re not finished yet. The next step is to add the tracking code to your website so that data can be collected and you can view it there.