What is MAMP?

MAMP is a local web server that you can run on your MAC (or windows) machine. It’s free for the basic version, although there is a PRO option too. I use it to test wordpress software on a local development environment. You can install MAMP on a MAC in a few easy steps. Having a local environment greatly speeds up testing any code that you write.


Download MAMP

You can download and install MAMP from https://www.mamp.info/en/

Download MAMP

Choose the MAC version from the downloads page.


The download will begin

downloading MAMP


Once downloaded, click on the installer to open it and begin the installation process.

MAC Installer


MAC Installation


MAMP Installer Introduction

Simply click on Continue



MAMP Installer Read Me

MAMP installs into your Applications directory. If you already installed MAMP and are upgrading the version then the installer will automatically copy over your existing data to the new version of MAMP



MAMP Installer License

Accept the license agreement in order to install the software


Destination Select

MAMP Installation Destination

You can choose which drive (if applicable) you want to install MAMP to.


Installation Type

MAMP Installation Type


MAMP Installer Password

MAMP is now ready to install. You will need to enter the password for the admin user that is installing the software in order to continue with the installation.




MAMP Installer Summary

If all goes well you will get a success message following the installation.


Launching MAMP


You will find a folder called MAMP in your applications folder (you can ignore the MAMP Pro folder that was also created)

MAMP Application Folder

Within this folder you will find the MAMP application itself. This is what you use to launch MAMP when you want to run your local development server.

MAMP Application


If you will be using MAMP a lot you can drag the icon to your Dock for easy access.

See the MAMP tutorial for the basics of launching MAMP and navigating around in it.

Now that MAMP is installed, you need to configure it for running your development environment.