I recommend getting your hosting with the Irish company Blacknight, especially if you’re based in Ireland. I host my websites with them and most of my clients also choose to use them because they’re in the same timezone and provide good support to their customers. This page contains affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase your hosting with Blacknight via those links, then I will receive a small referral fee. 


Most clients I deal with are hosting their websites with Blacknight. Here’s a quick overview on how to register an account with Blacknight for hosting your website or blog. You can find more information about hosting and domain options here.

Note – if you don’t already have a domain name registered elsewhere, you will also need to purchase one (see link at end). When your domain name is due for renewal you can transfer it over to Blacknight if it’s more cost-effective for you.



You can find the shared hosting options on this page. The first package is the Minimus package which is sufficient for most website and blogs.

blacknight minimus packageTypically the Minimus package will be more than sufficient for your requirements. I’d recommend buying at least 1 year (instead of monthly) to reduce the overall cost.




Make sure you select the Linux option. Unless there’s a particular reason you know you need Windows, Linux is the normal choice of operating system and it will be easier to troubleshoot if you run into any problems later.



You don’t need any optional extras, so go straight to the ‘Next Step’





If you have a promotion code you can apply it here before continuing to Checkout where you will enter your payment details and get signed up with your Blacknight account.

When your account is set up, you will receive welcome emails with information on setting up your hosting (if you’re doing this yourself).