It only takes a few minutes to set up a Google Adsense Account. The only prerequisites are that you have a gmail account to use and a self-hosted website to display the advertisements.


1. Sign In

Go to the adsense sign up page and log in using the gmail account that you want to have associated with adsense.


2. Account Details

Enter the name of your website, the email address of your google account and select whether to opt in or out of emails.
You have the option to change this info on the next screen or later.



Add your country from the dropdown list
and accept the terms & conditions


3. Account Activation

At this point you get an email with the subject ‘Get activated with Google Adsense’ that contains your publisher id
oogle Adsense - Get Activated


You also see a ‘get started’ welcome screen.


4. Payment details

Enter your payment address details on the next screen


Set your account type to Individual unless you’re running a business and fill out the name and address to be used.


5. Payment Contact Information

You will receive a ‘Google Adsense: Payment contact information changed’ email to confirm the details you’ve entered above.

Google Adsense - Payment Contact Information

6. Verify Phone number

Now you have to verify your phone number.
You will receive a text message with a code to enter.


7. Connect your website

The last step is to connect your website to Adsense pending approval of your account.
You will be provided with a block of code that needs to be placed inside the header code of the pages on your website.
uncheck the ‘show ads as soon as your website is connected’ box so that you can check your GDPR settings first.
Use the ‘Copy code’ link to copy the code to your clipboard.

8. Insert header code

You add the code to your theme’s header.php in between the head tags. One option for this is to connect your site to Google Adsense using the Ad Inserter plugin.

9. Verify Header Code

Check the box to say that you’ve pasted the code into your site and then click the ‘Done’ button to complete this step.

10. Pending account

Now you have to wait for the account to be activated by google which usually takes a day or so…
Wait to receive an email from Google with the subject ‘Your site is now connected to Adsense’, then you’ll be ready to add some ads to your website.
Google Adsense - Site Connected