Google Search Console is a free tool that lets you see how the Google search engine views your website. This is useful for improving your search rankings and fixing any problems with your website. Here are the basic steps to set up Google Search Console for your website, and access it via the Yoast plugin. It’s a prerequisite that you have Google Analytics already set up for your website to allow Google to verify that you own the site you want to set up with Google Search Console. And that you have installed the Yoast plugin.


1. Set up an account with Google Search Console

First you need to open up Google Search Console. If you have more than one google account then you’ll need to choose the one you want to use before you get to the Welcome screen.

Google Search Console - Welcome Screen


2. Add your website

Just fill in the url for your website and hit the ‘Add a property’ button

Google Search Console - add website


3. Verify Ownership

The recommended method here is by adding a dns record.

Google Search Console - Verify Ownership


The easier option is to go to the Alternative methods tab and choose to verify using Google Analytics. This is where you need to have already set up Google Analytics for your website.

Google Analytics Method


If Google Analytics is set up correctly then you will successfully verify your website ownership.

Google Search Console - Verified


You will then get an email with some suggestions for improving your website search rankings… This will be covered in another blog post.

Goole Search Console Message


4. Authorise Yoast to access Google Search Console

There are two ways to access this. You may have a message on your Yoast Dashboard suggesting that you do this…

Yoast - Improvements Screen


Or you can access the same thing via the Yoast Section in your wordpress dashboard. SEO -> Search Console

Yoast - Google Search Console


Simply use the ‘Get Google Authorization Code’ button and you will be taken to a screen to access your google account.

Yoast - Get Google Authorization Code


Give permission to Yoast SEO to access your google account and manage Search Console data for your website.

Google Search Console Authorization


A pop-up will display the authorization code that you need.

authorization code


Paste this into the Yoast box and hit the ‘Authenticate’ button and you will see your website added as a profile. Use the ‘Save Profile’ button to save the changes.

Yoast - Profile added




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