What is a hosted Adsense account?

Why upgrade a from hosted Adsense account to non hosted? A hosted Adsense account is one that was created through an Adsense partner website eg. YouTube or Blogger. It’s a restricted account which means you can only use it with those websites and the approval process is much easier because of this.

However as the ad units created in a hosted Adsense account can only be used on those partner websites, they cannot be used on a self-hosted website and will display as blank ads there. If your blog or website is on wordpress then you will need a non-hosted Adsense account in order to use Google Adsense on your site.


How can I tell what kind of Adsense account I have?

You can tell which account you have by looking at the drop-down profile in the top right corner in your adsense account. Check to see if it is marked as a ‘hosted account’. If it isn’t, you have a regular non-hosted account.


Hosted Adsense Account

Adsense Hosted Account

Non-Hosted Adsense Account

Adsense Regular Account




How do you upgrade from a hosted Adsense account to a non-hosted (regular) Adsense account?

You have to submit a once-off application request to change your account type.


Log in to your Adsense account

Go to the Google Adsense homepage. If you haven’t already got an account then create an Adsense Account. If you already have your account use the Sign In button. Note that you need a gmail account/email to be set up with Adsense.

Google Adsense Homepage

Go to Ads -> Content -> Other Products -> Upgrade now


Fill out the form giving the website name that you will primarily be using.


Note that while you can add multiple websites to your Adsense account, your primary domain must display ad units.



Add the verification code to your website

You will see this message once the website has been submitted for review.

Take the provided code and insert it between the <head> tags on your website (use the get code again dropdown if needed).


Adsense Site under Review

Wait for verification

Wait for an email to tell you if the review has been successful or not.

Create your ads

Now you can create new ad units to place on your website.