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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogs. It is both user-friendly and search engine-friendly. There are thousands of customisable themes available to choose from that will display well on mobile devices. It’s a highly flexible content management system and a great choice for running your blog.



Looking to move your WordPress blog from wordpress.com to self-hosted?

While the free WordPress accounts offer great value, a self-hosted wordpress blog provides much greater freedom and ownership of your brand.

If you’re not familiar with IT, or want to save a lot of time by getting someone else to do the work then I can handle setup and installation of your self-hosted wordpress blog at a reasonable rate.

Included is:

Step-by-step advice and instructions on domain registration and/or hosting purchase. Optionally I can handle the domain and hosting side of things for you.

I will handle the entire hosting set-up process and migration of all your content

I will configure your self-hosted blog to look as close as possible to the original and install basic plugins that you will need for your blog.

I will walk you through the configuration of your new blog and plugins to link up with your existing social media accounts and other services including migrating your existing followers from wordpress.com.

I will provide any basic wordpress training and knowledge you need to manage your blog yourself going forward.


Moving from another blogging platform to WordPress?

If you’re looking to move to WordPress then I can handle the migration of your blog and provide any advice or training you need to start using wordpress.


Need a fresh look for your blog, or want some plugins installed and configured?

I can help with choosing and changing your blog theme and set up of new features for your blog. Contact me with a description of the help you need and I’ll provide a quote.



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