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AnthologizePlus Plugin

This page holds information about a modified version of the currently unmaintained Anthologize Plugin. I have updated this plugin version to fix some minor bugs and renamed to AnthologizePlus.

Plugin Updates

Feb 2021 – Version 0.9.0

Fixed copyright bug. Copyright year was defaulting to system value, instead of using the year provided by the user.

Feb 2021 – Version 0.9.1

Renamed the plugin to AnthologizePlus so that the last updated value would be accurate.


Downloads are provided for use at your own risk. As always, it is highly recommended that you take a complete backup of your website before installing or updating a plugin. Should you encounter errors running the plugin, take note of the error and delete the plugin. You may need access to your web server file system to delete the plugin folder if you can’t access the wordpress admin panel.

Version 0.9.0 – Copyright bug fix

Version 0.9.1 – Changed slug name to anthologizeplus to update last revision info

Installation Notes:


Make a backup of your website database and files.

Download the modified plugin zip file to your computer using the button above (version 0.9.0).


Go to your list of installed plugins in the wordpress dashboard.

1. Deactivate your original Anthologize plugin (version 0.8.0).

2. Delete the original Anthologize plugin.

3. Add a new plugin using the ‘upload plugin’ option instead of installing it from the wordpress repository. Upload the new version 0.9.0 from your computer and install the plugin.

4. Activate the plugin.

5. Test the new version by exporting an existing Anthologize project (the project data will still be in your wordpress database).

6. If you get an error activating the plugin, then make sure the original Anthologize Plugin has been deactivated or deleted.

6. If you encounter other errors, delete the plugin and reinstall the original version 0.8.0 from the wordpress.com repository.


Plugin installation video for reference.

Anthologize Plugin Information



Information on the original Anthologize Plugin can be found at the official website. The Anthologize plugin was created by a team of developers in one week. Last updated in 2019.

The updated version(s) on this page are only intended to fix bugs for specific use cases and have not been fully tested. Your mileage may vary.