The steps for installing a new WordPress plugin are always the same…


Go To Plugins Section

Add new plugin

In your WordPress Dashboard Go to Plugins -> Add New


Search for the Plugin

Search for Plugin

Type in the plugin name in the search box on the top right of the screen.



Wordpress Plugin Search Results

Look for for the plugin you searched for in the search results.


Install and Activate the Plugin

Plugin Install Now

When you find the plugin you want, use the Install button to install it.


Plugin Activate

Once the plugin has been installed successfully the button will then change to Activate. You also need to activate the plugin in order to use it.


Plugin Active

Finally you will see that the plugin is now Active and ready to use.


Plugin Configuration

Depending on the plugin itself it may have configuration options under the main Settings section. A large plugin will have its own section in the WordPress dashboard. Others can be found under Tools. Check the plugin documentation to see where to go to use the plugin.